The $250K Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

What does a peanut butter & jelly sandwich have to do with getting everything you want for your business and your life?

Everything. Just ask my friend Wendy Lipton-Dibner.

Wendy is the world’s leading expert in impact strategy and ethical influence.  So when she told me she’d figured out how to turn a simple PBJ into a global empire, I wasn’t surprised. She’s helped create PBJ empires for entrepreneurs and top influencers in Fortune 100, healthcare and non-profit organizations for over 3 decades!

Wendy has broken down her formulas into exquisite detail and is teaching them in 4 fast videos that she’s providing as a gift for her community. I got her to let me share them with you because they are amazing.

This series will rock your business (and maybe your life!). You’ll get world class training, downloadable worksheets and live coaching so you can create your own list-building, reputation-enhancing, influence-growing, revenue-producing global impact with your products and services.

All at no-cost to you.

Go here now to watch this powerful series so you can get the formulas you need to create your own PBJ magic and get paid substantially for the difference you make with your products and services.

Your world will shift in the first 30-minute video and it builds from there! So grab some peanut butter and jelly and go watch all 4 videos. Yes, they’re that good.

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