Marketing Classics Bookstore Closeout Sale – 80% Off

For the last 20+ years we’ve been selling some of the old hard-to-find marketing classics from folks like Robert Collier, Clyde Bedell, Joe Karbo, John E. Kennedy, E. Haldeman-Julius and others online. But we’ve decided it’s time to focus on some of our other businesses, so we’re doing a blow out sale to clear all remaining inventory of these classics. There is very limited inventory and it’s first-come, first-served. All prices are a whopping 80% off the previous selling price, so add to your marketing resources library today at bargain prices! Here’s what we have:

Robert Collier Letter Book (Hardcover) (2  0 available) – Was $39.95 – Just $7.99  SOLD OUT

Clyde Bedell’s “How to Convert White Space Into Advertising that Sells” (Only  5   1 available) – Was $149.00 – Just $29.80

E. Haldeman-Julius’ “The First Hundred Million” (Only 6 1 available) – Was $49.95 – Just $9.99

John E. Kennedy’s “Reason Why Advertising Plus Intensive Advertising” (Only  0 available) – Was $29.95 – Just $5.99 SOLD OUT

Newstrack Advertising Classics 24 CD Set (Only  1 available) – Was $195.00 – Just $39.00

Carl Galletti’s “The 2001 Greatest Headlines Ever Written” ( 0 available) – Was $49.95 – Just $9.99 SOLD OUT

Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” (Hardcover) (15 12 available) – Was $49.95 – Just $9.99

Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” (Softcover) ( 47  42 available) – Was $29.95 – Just $5.99

A more detailed description of the books we still have in inventory and order links are in the section below.

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Clyde Bedell’s “How to Convert White Space Into Advertising that Sells” (Only  5   1 available) – Was $149.00 – Just $29.80

The advertising method developed, tested, proven and systematized over 50 years to turn “space advertising” into cash profits for every business, product, service and profession.

Are you an advertising copywriter, graphic designer, manager, or business owner who has labored industriously with little or no time to do research, or to plumb the rich depths of the fruits of research? This course provides an advertising system that is hard-boiled and conclusive. It can quickly help you multiply your effectiveness and eliminate 90 percent of the grievous, but common, mistakes and errors made by agencies and advertisers today. Fatal flaws that rob you of the results you have every right to expect.

The Secret to Amassing Spectacular Wealth, Income and Profits

“Only a few people outside my inner circle realize that the bulk of wealth I have created for myself and my clients over the years is a direct result of the influence and philosophies of some of the great strategists and marketing minds from the past.

Unquestionably, Claude Hopkins is the master. His influence has easily added over six million dollars to my personal income. David Ogilvy is right up there too. He probably contributed two or three million more. Rosser Reeves taught me a lot. So too, did John Caples.

But there’s one man from the past I was not fortunate enough to know – until now. His name is Clyde Bedell and he operated from the 30’s through the 60’s. Clyde uncovered universal principles about selling, advertising, influence and persuasion none of my other mentors even understood. I wish I’d had Clyde as my mentor then…I know I’d have earned ten million dollars more just by applying things with his fresh, new slant.

If it teaches me things, it can probably teach you a trick or two also!”

Jay Abraham, Abraham Publishing Group

Clyde Bedell’s “How to Convert White Space Into Advertising that Sells”
(Only  5   1 available) – Was $149.00 – Just $29.80

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E. Haldeman-Julius’ “The First Hundred Million” (Only 6 1 available) – Was $49.95 –
Just $9.99

Haldeman-Julius was the master of selling books. During the 1920’s and 30’s he sold over 200 million of them, nearly 2000 different titles. That gave him the most accurate statistical measurement of what people are interested in paying money to read. And the information is just as valid today as it was then.

“Go read a copy of the First Hundred Million! It is where I learned my magic words – the ones that make copy SIZZLE and my headlines impossible to ignore.” – Gary Halbert

After selling the first hundred million copies of his Little Blue Books, Haldeman-Julius was approached by the Simon & Schuster publishing firm. They wanted him to tell his fascinating story in a book.

Well, he went well beyond that. He analyzed each and every category and revealed the precise titles that were selling and an exact count of their sales. What you get is an unbiased of what the market wants, backed up by actual sales figures.

You will discover how a small change in the title can result in a MAJOR difference in sales, either up OR down. And, because you have the specific titles along with the numbers, you will be able to see for yourself how different words in a title affects sales. That goes a long way towards making you a MASTER headline, title, and bullet writer yourself.

This book contains an AMAZING amount of VALUABLE information that will TRANSFORM ALL your writing. Plus, you will gather an insight into the hearts and desires of the American buying public. You will see whether starting your title/headline with “How To” or “The Art Of” or “The Truth About” are sure winners or not.

You’ll discover DOZENS of effective but often overlooked title ideas. This is one of the MOST INSIGHTFUL stories you will ever read. Gary Halbert thought it was such an important book that he gave a full lifetime subscription of his newsletter to the person who gave him his very own copy (it wasn’t even an original – only a reprint).

Gary said it best when he said, “Nothing like it has ever been written.” I am sure that after reading it you will agree.

E. Haldeman-Julius’ “The First Hundred Million”
(Only 6 1 available) – Was $49.95 – Just $9.99

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Newstrack Advertising Classics (24 CD Set) (Only 3 1 available) – Was $195.00 – Just $39.00

How to Gain the Wisdom of 8 of the Greatest Advertising Experts of All Time…Without Taking Any Time Out of Your Busy Schedule.

For your benefit 8 of the greatest advertising experts who ever lived put the accumulated wisdom of their lifetimes into 8 of the most revealing books ever written. And now, because they have been put onto CD, you can easily listen to and assimilate this wisdom while driving, taking a walk, lounging on the back patio, or whatever.

Here is a list of the books recorded on these CDs. Some of these books are no longer in print and this audio version is the only way you can get them. Click on each for a short description of the geniuses who wrote them.

David Ogilvy – Ogilvy on Advertising (4 CDs)

Claude Hopkins – My Life in Advertising (2 CDs)

Albert Lasker – The Lasker Story (2 CDs)

Fairfax Cone – With All Its Faults (2 CDs)

Rosser Reeves – Reality in Advertising (4 CDs)

Alvin Eicoff – Or Your Money Back (4 CDs)

Leo Burnett – Communications of an Advertising Man (4 CDs)

Maxwell Sackheim – My First 60 Years in Advertising (2 CDs)

Newstrack Advertising Classics (24 CD Set) 
(Only 1 available) – Was $195.00 – Just $39.00

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Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” (15 12 available in hardcover,  47  42 available in softcover) – Was $49.95 hardcover or $29.95 softcover – Just $9.99 hardcover or $5.99 softcover)

In 1973, Joe Karbo wrote and published this unique personal guide revealing the secrets that gained him a net worth in excess of $10 million dollars (a lot of money in 1973).

Joe sold his book only through direct response advertising…a book that sold over 3 million copies without ever being available in a bookstore!

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” is Joe’s philosophy on life, and how to live it richly, successfully, joyously and lazily.

It is a wonderful step by step marketing guide that will work for any business – so clearly written it has been used as marketing text by companies, colleges, and universities worldwide.

It is now a classic in both the Self-Help/Personal Development and the Direct Response Marketing fields.

This Rare, Original 1973 Limited Edition direct from Joe Karbo’s original Publishing Company is a classic that belongs in everyone’s Success library!

Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches”(Hardcover)
(Only 15 12 available) – Was $49.95 – Just $9.99

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Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches”(Softcover)
(Only 47 42 available) – Was $29.95 – Just $5.99

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